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One Word: Nude Women Over 40

  • The Sex Student Part 3 – Hard Work and Punishment A couple of notes first: 1- If you want to ask me questions about my life with Frank please feel free, Im very open about it… but I will not sent pictures of any kind. 2- This story and future ones involve corporal punishment, be warned. part 1 part 2 The third Saturday came along with a cold morning. I hustled over to the pool for my Saturday morning laps. Everything was going well until I got back to the dorms… everyone from my dorm was outside and the fire department were there. I found Amy, and she said the alarm had gone off about 7am. It was now 7:55… so we waited, at 8:30 I decided to walk back to the aquatic center, Amy came with me. We stayed there in the waiting area for the closed on Saturday offices, and then went back at 11… still no access, FD still there, Police out now too. Some idiot had blown his room up, probably trying to make meth the cops were sure, I was sure it was just mindless chem students having a prank go wrong (I was right, no meth lab). Anyways, Amy and I went and ate in the closest restaurant, a sandwich shop. We lingered as long as we could, lots of our dorm was there. We went back to the dorm at 12:30… still not letting anyone in, but the adjacent hall was open for warmth. I was starting to get worried. I was running out of time to get to the room, shower, change and head to my session with Frank. 1pm came and went, 1:30… no sign of a change, and I was out of time. I borrowed bus fare from Amy (my pass was in our room), and set off to Franks, getting on a bus finally at 2:20, cutting it very close. I got to his front door at 2:55, 5 minutes to spare. He usushered me in as usual… You just made it Lilly, did bring everything? My heart dropped, I hadnt brought a toy with me… I uhhh didnt bring the toy… I couldnt get into… He cut me off Now now Lilly, it was your task to bring a toy today, so I will give you the option, you may go and maybe comeback another day… My mind started to race… Or you may stay and face a punishment… I will not tell you what the punishment will be but it wont be severe as this is your first failure I only had one option… I wasnt leaving… I choose to stay… Good girl, go shower now I went up to the bathroom, took my time showering and drying myself, left the bathroom naked and went to find Frank… He was sitting on the sofa in the living room. Come here Lilly, sit next to me I sat down next to him but was feeling nervous as I did. He took my hand and held it, then smiled at me… Lilly, this will be a good lesson for you to learn now, you might even start to like things like this… What are you going to do to punish me? Im going to spank you Lilly, 20 strokes on your bare bottom with my hand. I looked at him, Id read how spankings were pleasurable events for some… I hoped Id be one. He got up and went and brought in a chair without arms. He sat on it and beckoned me over. I nervously walked over to him. Stand beside me facing me… I did that Now bend yourself over my lap I did that too. Spread your legs a little I moved my feet apart about 8 inches… Now relax for a moment, I wont start yet. When I do you will count out the strikes out loud, understand? Uhhh, yes… Good, are you ready? I gulped, Id never been spanked, my parents didnt believe in it, and here I was naked with my ass in the air bent over and ready to be… I took a deep breath… Yes… The first smack surprised me, right on the center of my left butt cheek, it hurt for a moment then felt warm… I meekly bit out one… The second smack came on my right side… Two Third came back on the left, harder now Three… Fourth was same on the right mature female Four… He stopped for a moment and squeezed my buttocks… then the fifth and sixth smacks came hard and fast Five… Six… He kept going up to ten when he again stopped. Now my rear was feeling sore, but warm and if i can call it cozy at the same time. Frank took a finger and rubbed between my legs forward over my slit, he massaged it for a moment then pulled his hand back away, patted my back and started the smacks again… Ten… smack Eleven… smack twelve… smack thirteen… smack Fourteen smack Fifteen smack Sixteen smack seventeen smack eighteen smack nineteen smack Twenty… mature women in **** I stayed there, waiting for another, then realised it was done. Stand up Lilly I weakly stood, my bottom was burning. But then it started to feel… cozy again, thats the only way i can describe it. It hurt, but it felt like a warm fire does at the same time. Does it hurt Lilly? I nodded… A bit… But you like it a bit dont you? Yes… maybe in time Ill learn to like it. Good girl, now come on, lets lay you down for a bit and let it calm down We went into the bedroom, he had me lay face down and then got a cool moist towel and put it on my rump. No rush, we can wait a bit, Im very pleased Lilly, you didnt even object to being spanked. I expected some sort of complaint or words… but you didnt, and took your punishment. Have a bit of a rest, Ill be back in a bit I lay there and let the pain ebb away, soon it was just a warm feeling. Frank came back soon after. How does it feel now Lilly Ok, warm and a bit sore but ok… Good, now Ill make this easy on you today. We are going to expand your blow job skills a bit first I nodded. He shed his robe, then he got on the bed in the center and spread his legs. Ok, you start whenever you are ready I moved in, started licking his shaft and took him in my mouth. I started bobbing my head, and squeezing him with my tongue… I kept it up for a few minutes… Ok Lilly, now let my cock out of your mouth, and lick my balls I looked up at him confused, but let his cock out of my mouth with a pop, stuck my tongue out and started licking his sack. Use you tongue to move the skin, dont worry, feel for my ball with your tonge… I tried to do as he asked, got more and more of my tongue on his balls, I finally felt a hard testicle. Now CAREFULLY suck it into your mouth I did that, sucking it into my mouth, but he let out a gasp and I panicked and it popped back out. Ok Lilly, ok, you did ok, just go back to licking I did that… Now stroke me while you lick I wrapped my hand around his shaft and stroked him slowly. Ok now, if you are feeling ok with it, lick down the bottom of my sack and down towards my ass I did as he asked, licking down, feeling the bumpy line there, I didnt go any further, but i teased it with my tongue. Ok good, now come back and suck again I took his cock back in my mouth and started bobbing again… I moved down for a deepthroat and he moaned in approval. I did it a couple more times but it was getting too much. I kept bobbing for a few minutes… Lilly Im going to cum, I want to see it on your face, just hold you face there I did as he asked, my only previous facial had been an ugly mess up into my hair. Here it comes… ahhhh… He spurted out onto my chin, then my cheek and nose, then my chin again. The rest splattered back down onto him. Come here, show me… I crawled up the bed to him, his cum dripping down my cheek. Good girl, you can go wash up I went and washed my face in the washroom. When I came back Frank was lying on his side. He patted the bed next to him. Now, We are going to fuck again soon, what position do you want? I thought about older naked ladies my sore ass, what wouldnt hurt it but wouldnt be missionary… I decided uhh Cowgirl? He nodded Ok finger yourself until Im ready I didnt need to be told twice, I started rubbing my clit within a half second of him saying the words. I didnt hold back, I just tried to make myself cum, knowing he was watching me, feeling me move was all the stimulation I needed. I did cum once, Frank didnt tell me to stop so i kept going, but I didnt feel anymore coming… mature women photos Stop I moved my hand away. He moved a hand between my legs, rubbed my slit and slipped a finger into me… What a wet cunt, you must really want to be fucked? I nodded. Good He rolled on his back, his cock was hard, he handed me a condom. I put it on him then straddled him, he nodded at me and I slipped him inside me. I started to ride him, keeping a good pace up for a few minutes. He started to fondle my breasts as I went, then pulled me down to kiss. I kept grinding my way up and down his pole. Faster Lilly I sped up, it was getting tiring… Keep going, I want you to make me cum…. I kept going, my legs were on fire, my joints all screaming for me to stop, but I kept going. ahhh… yes…. ahhhh… He grabbed my and pulled me close. We kissed and he held me. He let me up, grabbed the condom and I got off. I collapsed on the bed panting. You did very well Lilly, I had more planned but we need a toy, so you can go And my third lesson was over… There wont be a 4th lesson story. All the was new was him using a toy on me to make me cum, and more blowjob instruction and a round of doggy style on the sofa… so next story, Part 4, will be lesson 5. If you want more, keep commenting or messaging me! LillytheSexStudent [6 comments]