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  • Alone in the Dark My name is Emily. I'm 15 and like most girls my age love boys, music and boys. Something different from me and other girls is my family. While other teens my age may say they hate their parents because they won't leave them alone, I hate my parents… well, just my Dad really, because of the abuse. My mother fucked off with some guy from her work 11 years ago and I can't really blame her. My Dad is one of the biggest shitheads you'll ever meet. It's a miracle I didn't die as soon as my mother left. He just drinks away his life and beasts the shit into me whenever I talk out of place. As I got home late from a day out with my friends one weekend, I walked in to see him and 3 of his mates sat around our tiny table with beer and stumped out ciggerates playing some kind of card game. "Hey Terry, you ain't got nothin' left! The fat bald one, Bryan, said to my dad. "Fuuuuuck you!" My dad grunted out in a drunken slur. He turned to me slowly and smiled. "I got my little girl!" The men cheered. My face turned to horror. "What the fu-" My dad slapped me across the face, knocking me to the ground. "Stay quiet, bitch!" He slammed down his cards with a grin on his face, a grin he immediately lost as Bryan laid his own cards down. "Shiiiiit!" My dad said, before pulling me up and pushing me onto the table. "Fukin' have the whore. Stupid bitch deserves it for putting me off!" He stormed from the room, smacking a beer bottle onto the floor which promptly old naked ladies smashed. Bryan held me down on the table and Tony, my dads only black friend, flipped me over onto my stomach and slapped my ass so hard it burned. "She's got a nice little ass, this one!" He laughed, squeezing both cheeks I let out a yelp of pain. "Please…" I begged, but the men ignored me. Pete, the last of the group, rolled me over yet again and gripped both my tits and squeezed, rubbing them against my chest. I cried in pain, and seemingly as a response, Pete ripped open my shirt, revealing my c cup breasts encased in my bra. Pete fumbled with my bra strap before Bryan stepped in with a knife and cut the material off. "Lovely pair of tits doncha' bitch!" Pete said, grinning. I held onto the bra with all my strength, clutching naked old ladies it to my chest as if it were my final defence. Tony smacked me across my face, forcing my hands to my face and allowing Pete to fully remove the bra. "No!" I cried as he put his mouth to my tits and bit down on my nipple, causing me to thrash with pain. Bryan pulled me across the table more so my head was at one end and my ass and pussy at the other. I tried to roll of the table but Bryan held me down by my neck and shoulders, pulling down his trousers and showing of his hard cock as it pocked through his boxers. He forced open my mouth and no matter how hard I tried to resist, he rammed his cock down my throat causing me to gag. I found myself crying as he thrust deeper and deeper into my mouth, each time his balls swinging into my eyes and his fat covering my vision. At the same time, Tony had ripped off my trousers and was stroking my pussy through my panties. "Looks like this little sluts been shavin'! And 'er cunt is awfully dry to! But we know how to fix that!" He slowly slid my panties off, then leaned forward to kiss my pussy. I kicked at him, striking him in the face with the flat of my foot. He stammered back, and rage filled his eyes. nude mature women He brought his fist down on my stomach, the force breaking the table and making me gasp. As I slid of the broken wood, I stretched my hands out to stop my decent, and ended up with them in the broken glass. I cried out loudly, tears streaming down my face as my fall made Bryan pull out of my mouth. I was about to beg them to stop when my face made contact with Tony's fist. I screamed, but I wasn't over yet. Pete was next, kicking me to the ground, and stamping on my chest. I coughed up blood which mixed with the tears on my face. The cards from before stuck to the blood and tears, covering me in red stained paper. Bryan pulled my head towards him, spitting into my mouth and shutting my jaws, forcing me to swallow it. Tony forced me onto my knees, then put his head in between my legs and started licking and spitting on my pussy, slowly lubricating it. Then, he slowly pushed one of his fingers into my cunt, causing me to shiver in pain and let out a yell. He steadily inserted more and more fingers, and before long he had 4 of then wedged inside of my pussy. I held back screams as I knew all that would earn me was more beatings. I wasn't a virgin, I had lost it to my now ex- boyfriend Rob a few months ago, and we had done it a few times since then. Tony pulled his finger out of my pussy and readied his cock at my entrance. I tried to hold back the tears from this violation, and would have let out a scream if Bryan hadn't rammed his dick down my throat along with his balls. I found I could hardly breathe like this, but was instantly distracted when Tony rammed his Cock into my cunt. He let out a moan of pleasure. Tony was much bigger than my ex, at least 8 or more inches. I saw Pete lie underneath me, jacking himself off as he played with my naked form, biting and licking and sucking. Tony smacked my ass again and I cried out, it was hard enough to breath without the pain. After a few minutes, Bryan started to slow down and groan. He pulled out and held my mouth open. While I was in the middle of a deep breath Bryan came, gripping my head so I couldn't move it, and sticking a finger into my mouth so I couldn't shut it. His jizz came in a thick, plentiful burst that gushed into my mouth. Before I could spit it out. Bryan held my mouth shut and yelled "Swallow it bitch, swallow it!" Until I had no choice but to let the bitter white goo dribble down my throat. I coughed and gagged and cried, but only got a slap in return. It wasn't long before Tony leant back and filled my pussy with his cum. Pete then flipped me roughly onto my back and wanked over my chest until his cum covered my tits. The picked me up, Bryan smacking my ass for a last time as they shoved me towards the stairs which I immediately started to run up. I jumped into my dark room, covered in blood, cum and tears. And I lied there, all night with no lights on. Just me. mature women pictures Alone in the dark. LovelyXScarlett