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15 Standard Irish Foods You Must Know

  • We've pulled together our most popular dishes, our latest additions and our editor's picks, so there's sure to be something appealing for you to attempt.

    Slow-Cooker Variation: Location beef in a 5-quart slow cooker. Disperse tomato paste, vinegar, and flour over beef; season generously with salt and pepper. Bring in onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, and bay leaves. Cover slow cooker; cook on high till beef is fork-tender, about 5 hours (or cook on low heat 8 hours).

    My family and I liked this meal. I made it in the oven instead of a sluggish cooker so I might cut cooking time. The dish was incredibly easy to make and an easy tidy up! It's very hearty and filling and serves 8 quickly. Just bought a fresh loaf to go along with it. I'll make sure to make this dish time and time once again.

    Made it in the sluggish cooker for the very first time tonight. It was a success. The meat hurt and vegetables were excellent. I brought in celery as an additional. In order to jazz it up a bit, next time we will certainly include more spices. It looked similar to the picture!

    Really yummy and so simple. I did the slow-cooker variation, on high for 5 hours. The meat came out very tender, but the bottom layer was a little scorched. Uncertain if it was the high temp, or if my crockery pot is just shabby. Regardless, this is a fantastic, basic recipe that I'll absolutely make once more.

    Because it was on sale, I used a bottom round roast. I didn't have tomato paste, so I utilized ketchup. I used 2 cups of water and one cup of bee stock. Really simple and extremely scrumptious. The dish made a good, thick gravy.

    The simplest dish I have ever done! The only thing that I would suggest is to utilize a 5.5 qt-6 qt slow cooker. I utilized a 5 qt and ran out of space for everything that I wanted to bring in. Otherwise, there is no better, cold weather, simple to prepare, great for amusing, make it with your children meal!

    Made this tonight for me and my little one and we both loved it. You will certainly have to utilize more water and beef stock cube though as 500ml and one cube won't suffice. It was great after that. But that might be due to not having a lower setting on my gas cooker and as a result the stew was boiling a little as opposed to simmering. I did change knob after 1hr and utilized the last hr on a smaller one. When I changed over I simply made use of another 500ml and a stock cube once more and it was ideal. When it required to go in the oven, the sauce thickened and there was plenty left in for. I would probably make use of a bit more sweet potato though. Otherwise ideal meal and will certainly utilize once again.

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