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everyone's feet are different shapes

  • Pisa saved, also made ground stress relief method is known far and wide application. Negative-heel is the application of this principle in the mechanics of the human body, while also reminder of   cheap air jordan 10 shoes and low back pain in relationships need attention. High heels can cause and aggravate lower back pain is common sense, but people tend to ignore the heels and wedges of adverse effects, mechanical effects are the same, causes gravity moves forward, increasing burden of curvature of lumbar and lumbar, is dwarfed compared with the heels, pot calling kettle black. A lot of people thought the shoes is good for health, is in fact pseudoscience without any scientific basis, needs attention in patients with low back pain, lumbar disc herniation patients, selected shoes needed to be more rational.Flip-flops more wounding than high heels high heels how to "maim" a woman's feet, the world has basically been a consensus, but to the bottom flat flip-flops, everybody without vigilance. Auburn University researchers found that wearing flip-flops may be more deadly than high heels.
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     Test report pointed out that when   air jordan 12 for sale wearing flip-flops, people will worry about shoes flying off, subconsciously bend so walk toe to pull the shoe. Due to the toe not slacken up, which leads to change of the angle of the ankle, heel vertical force smaller, the same subjects when wearing flip-flops, stride length smaller than in wearing running shoes. Furthermore, bent toes soles this pull tight, and also excessive use of Plantar Aponeurosis, and from the toe to the heel of the connective tissue, resulting in inflammation of the soles of the feet, the heels that hip, back pain.Healthy shoes should guard against Bowe, "four pests": large size shoes, hard-soled shoes, thick cotton-padded shoes and shoes errors: because the child's feet grew up constantly, so in order to save money to buy shoes for kids, first, buy, or with friends and family as much as eight or nine new and second-hand shoes wear can also give their children. Expert Tip: precisely because the child is growing up, so cannot save money only to buy shoes for kids. First of all, if the "greedy", first, buy shoes, shoes and kids too much space between the foot, it does not provide sufficient support, children easily fall over or other accidents.

    Secondly, everyone's feet are different shapes, air jordan 13 reflective shoes with the wearer's feet and deformed. Kids wear shoes worn by others, not only do not fit, will also affect the development of the Biped, prone to foot problems when they grow up.Misconceptions II: because of their weight, fat people wear shoes are always, in order to be able to dress a little longer and increase strength, fat people should buy a sole is hard, wear sturdy shoes. Expert Tip: because of their weight, fat people should wear soft shoes. Because fat people compared to ordinary people, ankle joints and metatarsophalangeal joints under even greater pressure, perfect can't shoes will not only increase strength, but will make the burden on joints, strain and foot pain. Fat people should choose the sole is softer, shock and strong shoes. In addition, in order to prevent ankle sprains, fat people are the best shoes to help slightly higher, enhanced support on both sides of the shoe, so you can share support, ankle stability.