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can also effectively prevent hallux valgus

  • Survey: more than 50% people in China suffer from foot problems, adult prevalence ratio is as high as 75%, but only 20% of the patient to the regular hospital treatment. Most people have misconceptions   cheap jordan 5 shoes podiatry is not a big problem. But foot problems is easy to cross-infection, and for example if formal medical facility for treatment, are easily infected with other diseases, such as hepatitis b and other infectious diseases. A lot of people don't know: the common acute and chronic sports injuries, arthritis, hallux valgus, flat foot, bone, muscles, ligaments, nerves of diabetic foot disease, belongs to the field of foot and ankle surgery. At present, surgery, foot and ankle specialist a few, so often a foot of misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment, and so on.Jade foot who hurt you? 1 ugly hallux valgus feet complain except for ugly appearance, will cause damage to the shoe selection difficult and easy to shoe-shaped. Even worse is that serious hallux valgus deformity, can produce many serious complications, such as thumb and pouch inflammation swelling, Plantar Fasciitis, corns, foot, flatfoot ... ...
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    First metatarsal joint of the thumb   cheap jordan 13 phalanges and takes more than 15 degree slant, then you have already encountered plagued hallux valgus. If more than 10 cm heels size 5 years, 9 out of 10 people easy to hallux valgus or aggravates the hallux valgus. If unfortunately you are flat feet foot arch and not radians, then wearing heels or pointy shoes, probably a year or two will appear hallux valgus; people with short long big toe and second toe and high risk families of hallux valgus. Even more frightening is, 95% patients don't realize it's a "problem" when you wait until the pain, often were in need of "broken".Barefoot barefoot movement to strengthen foot muscles, prevent hallux valgus from deteriorating. First break inward movement of the thumb with his fingers on a daily basis, can also effectively prevent hallux valgus illness intensified. With orthopaedic hallux valgus correction (daily toe divider, with correction of the night), long wear, significant treatment effects. Stealth thumb washers small bubbles can help cushion the foot to reduce toe heel shoes of the projecting parts of the thumb pressure, squeezing and rubbing.

    Soft soft slippers at the end of most  cheap nike lebron shoes  of the eversion of the foot thumb is due to the selection of shoes is not appropriate, excessive squeeze caused by foot, therefore, usually you should pay attention to toe a more wide, square or round head shoe, while returning home should also choose soft slippers plush texture.2 foot jade dumplings Biped complain that delicate foot canbian dumplings! In particular, travel, swollen feet fit the shoes are becoming squeezed the feet! Causes of foot swelling is complex, cannot be taken lightly, ruled out gout, drugs, organ dysfunction caused by edema, edema is made by the Supreme travel. Sightseeing en route, no matter by what transport, sitting, standing and walking, and after a long time, legs will swell. Often and impeded blood flow too tight, excessive fatigue, Sox-related.Reducing salt, essential oil massage, exercise and eating less salt, there is a free time can also elevate the legs. When long distance driving, or flying, or activities from time to time, you can also massage your legs. Edema of the feet as possible when selecting dark Nail Polish, such as black, Brown to "suppress" the nail polish will give your feet pretty much.