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FIFA 16 will be the official host platform shelves in September

  • EA brought on this year's E3 2015 exhibition held in the FIFA series, the latest work hand tour "FIFA Mobile", which is designed for hand-crafted works swim platform, EA recently announced the "FIFA Mobile" will be the host version "FIFA 16" simultaneously launched in fifa 15 ultimate team coins September players can experience this masterpiece.

    Thanks to the use of "FIFA 15" host engine, this will be the host has a comparable level of quality of the game, the picture quality as much as the host fifa 15 xbox coins, and the gameplay is optimized for performance on the latest mobile devices, the game uses a hybrid operating system, players can operate with virtual buttons and touch screen mode, in addition to this will be the use of "Madden NFL Mobile" update mode, as long as the players to download the game through which you can experience the new material and content of the new season through the annual update .

    FIFA 16 will be the official host platform shelves in September this year, mobile phone users will be able to experience this one specifically for the mobile platform to create fifa 15 ps coins works "FIFA Mobile".  To learn more about FIFA News friends go www.gameshop4u.com website.

    EA latest work FIFA Mobile september added on gameshop4u.com.