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Juan Jesus has consistently in FIFA 16

  • Enyeama has been an Ultimate Aggregation favourite for a few years now, and he's arguably been the best babysitter in Ligue 1 aback Hugo Lloris larboard Lyon for the blooming pastures of arctic London. At 5’11” [1.80m] he’s a little bit abbreviate to command the box with any complete fifa 16 coins superiority, but your centre backs should acquire no botheration ambidextrous with assurance into the box. Enyeama’s backbone is as a shot-stopper: he’s not just acceptable for his low price, he’s one of the best in the game. With reflexes rated at 91, alone an in-form David de Gea has bigger shot-stopping stats than Enyeama, and if you can get him for about 700 coins, there’s no catechism that he’s acceptable a abode in this side.

    Juan Jesus has consistently been an underrated Ultimate Aggregation beast, but this year he’s even bigger than ever. A lot of centre backs with appropriate clip stats will bulk you a appealing penny, but JJ’s 80 dart and 79 dispatch arise on the cheap, and that’s not all. He’s a solid tackler with 80+ backbone and arrest buy fifa 16 coins stats, and he’ll appropriately brushoff continued assurance all day with his 92 jumping stat. A bit of backbone on the arrangement abode and you could nab him for about 700 coins, which is an complete steal.

    Ideally, you’d grab Inter Milan centre aback Miranda to play alongside Juan Jesus, creating a absolute hotlink in your aback band amid the Brazilian pair. He’s a bit cher though, so we’ll appropriately yield Roma’s Manolas instead. Why? For a start, he’s quick abundant to marshall a lot of strikers, but every one of his arresting stats is 80+, as are all his concrete stats, except for his 79 stamina. He’s alone let down by a afflicted and amusing cutting carbon of 19 really, and that helps you get him for a arrangement price. At beneath 1000 bill – delay for it – he’ll Kostas you next to nothing! Haha!


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