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Neymar genio a los 23 in FIFA 16

  • "Neymar, genio a los 23" in the title, were compared 23 year-old's abstracts of Neymar, Messi and C.Ronaldo. Neymar was built-in on February 5, 1992, he is now took allotment in a complete of 317 official games, denticulate 183 fifa 16 ultimate team coins goals, averaged 0.57 goals. In contrast, Messi was built-in in 1987, he took allotment in 268 amateur at the age of 23 (2010), denticulate 150 goals, averaged 0.55; C.Ronaldo was built-in in 1985, he was 23 years old (2008 years) took allotment in 327 games, denticulate 118 goals, averaged 0.36 goals.From the data, Neymar goals and goals ability in the aforementioned aeon were added than Messi and C.Ronaldo, but it accept to be acclaimed that, Neymar has been in the Brazilian leagues afore accompany Barcelona, the competitiveness can not be compared with La Liga Arch League.

    Messi at 23 years old has won alert Golden Boot in the Champions Alliance and alert Golden Boot in La Liga, and won alert Golden Globe Awards.When C.Ronaldo 23 years old he got one Arch Alliance Golden Boot and one Golden Globe Award.In contrast, Neymar never won Golden Globe Awards, just won one Libertadores Cup Golden Bott and one Champions Alliance Golden Boot.The 23-year-old Messi has won 26 best cups cover 4 La Liga best cups and 2 Champions Alliance cups.C.Ronaldo 23 years old won 6 best fifa 16 xbox coins cups cover 2 Arch Alliance best cups and 1 Champions Alliance cup.Then Neymar won 9 best cups cover 1 La Liga best cup, 1 Champions Alliance cup and 1 Libertadores Cup. It is account advertence that Neymar got 1 Confederations Cup with Brazilian civic team, alone he got the developed civic aggregation is our new website, and we are pleased to serve you!