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    Chopard Mile Miglia GMT Chrono

    swiss watch replica men.2012 Chopard again came up with a new Mille Miglia watch. This time, it is a chronograph GMT as a limited edition. According to Chopin, on behalf of the Mille Miglia, "always adhere to the perfect transformation." It sounds very noble. I would go, "always adhere to the decoration." Chopin better represent the change and how to slow down the visual enhancement of core design. Although these expensive watches, I have been happy with them when it comes to look, comfort, quality and usefulness.

    Miller Miglia GMT Chronograph is a design, we all know the evolution. Adjustment here is interesting. Let's look at the back of the watch first. Usually a sapphire crystal window. In view of the watch contains the modified 7750-- we've all seen before - Chopard decided to make a solid case back. They have a good race Mille Miglia carved from perlage ring around did. I do not hide the fact that I love perlage, so this design features appealing to me. There is also a limited edition of the Mille Miglia from a few years ago and perlage on the dial - which is pretty cool as well.

    The case is the size of the hair up 42.40 mm wide. It is still about 15mm thick, and has a nice black border is here GMT hand. It's about time, we hope that through these watches ceramic bezel set, but I think we have not. In addition, it seems to be split chronograph black insertion, but Chopin did not explain the material they use it. Note that the "1000 miles" arrow mark shows a watch dial, crown and back. If you call this watch three Miller Miglia. I'm surprised Chopin did not use arrows or other GMT hand corner. Ah .... design concept for the future?

    Chopard will provide GMT Chronograph steel or 18K rose gold - will be a limited edition. You must look at the design of the dial to see something unique. I do not know if it borders GMT or something else, but it is certain that Miller Miglia, there is something very different this design. You can not deny that the proportion of the dial is also good. Although I think the hand might have lengthened at the entire work. Nevertheless, the legibility is still very high - most of Mille Miglia watch a welcome signature element.replica Chopard MILLE MIGLIA Watches swiss

    I do not know what is not a limited edition Mille Miglia watch these days. Most seem. Steel version 2012 as a group, and 18K rose gold version will as a group 250. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA is modified Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. The campaign has been upgraded GMT hand, second time zone, and has been COSC certified chronometer accuracy. Prices of steel model is $ 6,610, while in 18K rose gold is $ 20,880. For cash, you can at least get the iconic racing tire tread rubber strap.



    Edit personal reflections Phillips start - stop - reset chronograph steel sales

    Art Special watch sales is a delicate, indeed. In the modern era, for all other thematic sales benchmark is the Christie's- under Stan - Budge Lesson: Daytona sales, of which 50 sell 50 records set, and final sales brought the soul -blowing high valuation of four times. I am the audience, the room is really real power on - and not just a watch auction electricity, as you probably know, this means very little, but like, in fact, is exciting. The sale is crazy, and the result is exciting - response, and we still feel that the current Daytona market today, two and a half later.GRAHAM WATCHES replica

    Since then, we have seen sales of other topics are from Christie's - in his new home, Philip Patek Philippe 175 and Speedmaster New York, the other from the Budge in the charming DAY-sales - but it does not seem to capture and table fans as excited, or bidders. I can guess why - 175 Sale Features heavy historical watch collection, a more attention than the quality of origin; Subaru sales simply do not watch so much great, and you can not source their own efforts a few months, and the latest date sales simply is not a super majority of young people and to attract aspiring collectors, thanks in fact, they are most often a gold watch with your grandfather about (though these three sales did well, and sold more than average days $ 100,000 sold - date). Phillips May 2016 sale - known as the "start - stop Reset" - can, however, be brought back to the world of people really excited thematic auctions.

    Start - Stop - Reset: 88 Epic stainless steel chronograph

    Why sell 88 steel chronograph get people so excited? Because there is no watch in the world, and no one is more appealing to enthusiasts of all ages hot areas. Steel chronograph, in my belief, the purest expression of what many of us consider to watch: low profile, durable, super-functional, and with a purpose-built. No steel chronograph, even those millions of dollars Pateks or Rolex watches, you will find in this sale, built Mannerism ounce - steel chronograph is a tool, and you can see this ad, respectively the price significantly lower than the ratio of their gold, super -slim brethren.Franck Muller Watches replica men

    What is steel chronograph watch, I myself very much. So, when I heard some months ago, it will be under the theme Phillips sales theme, I'm very excited, if there is nothing, which might mean that I most closely follow the market worried. We received (publication) early preview of a few weeks back and we have seen - a 4113 pairs of second Rolex, the Paramico capital Freccero 1463, RCO tropical Paul Newman - are absolute monster watch, I will know the type Stan It can be obtained as a sales highlights. Impressive, of course, but what makes this so special is not the highlight of the sale - this is the highlight of the sale.

    Friday morning, I received a link to the directory. Gee, the Social Insurance Agency. I have never seen better watch collection in one place - a few two-tone Omega 333 years, in the 1940s more than double second sheet, crazy rare Daytonas, including my favorite quote 6240 with non-PN RCO dial, pulsating 6239 and more. Longines, Omega, Breitling and Universal product is downright criminal behavior. We will get, but first let's talk about certification dream watch.

    Patek Philippe chronograph Sector 130 has a multi-tone dialing and other large watches

    Phillips sales includes beyond reality, with higher estimates and rarity, a handful of watches can not really fathom. It's hard to say too much about this, because the air is so thin in this world - a limited but real customer base, what seems to have it all, so if they can get their hands on some of the world class, they will , regardless of price. There are several steel Pateks in the sale, including the 130 most desirable configuration easily one can ask a chronograph - Multi-tone sector dial. There are estimated to be a record 130 steel, which is expected to bring $ 300,000 to $ 600K, but this may be one of the world's best 130 aircraft. Nevertheless, a 33 mm watch a lot of RADO WATCHES replica