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Rooney is very special cheap fut 15 coins at fifacoinszo

  • These two days, the British media focused Rooney became the top scorer in England, which also caused the Argentine Lionel Messi and Barcelona King's attention, Mei world number one said that Rooney is indeed a very special player, but winning is more important than the personal data.


    Rooney and Lionel Messi were in the Champions League for Manchester United and Barcelona had several fight, of course, it is when Manchester United lost the majority, but Rooney's performance also gave Messi left a deep impression. Massey said: "For me, Wayne - Wayne Rooney is this generation of top players in one of which a very special player, it is hard to compare with other players to take him there are many special players in the world, but Rooney. abnormal ability and technology, but also fifa 16 coins store review one of the strongest I've seen players, and very hard, there are few like him. "



    However, Argentina's Lionel Messi scored 49 goals also pointed out that winning is more important than the personal data:. "Rooney is a winner, he will now concentrate on helping England's success in the European Cup I always say, because the situation in Argentina and I also like to win the championship unless otherwise scoring record playing times and meaningless, like I said, Rooney is a winner, but the team is always the first place honor, personal records second row. "


    Indeed, he led Argentina to World Cup runner-up and sweep the America's Cup runner-up Lionel Messi still suffered public  fifa coins site reviews criticism, because he was not able to lead Argentina to win, but after the break yesterday Rooney scoring record for England, Hodgson also encourage the England striker like him Senior Bobby - Charlton as England won the World Cup lead.


    "Daily Express" said 23-year-old was expected to leave Real Madrid Yisikexia window, but after taking over Real Madrid, Benitez convince Isco leave the team. La Liga opener against Sporting Gijon, Isco starter, but in the 5-0 victory over Real Betis in the game, Isco returned to the bench, and the starting lineup of fifa 15 coins review J Lo performed extremely well.


    After the switch to Real Madrid, Isco 2013-14 season scored 11 goals in 53 appearances and seven assists cheap fifa 16 coins last season, the 53 appearances and scored 6 goals and 13 assists for a midfield player, it a transcript has been extremely beautiful. Despite signing a contract with Real Madrid until 2018, but Isco is that they can not occupy the main position at the Bernabeu and frustrated, it is desirable to leave cheap fut 16 coins.