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Red or Zaigong Klopp cheap fut 16 coins

  • Yesterday the British "Daily Mail" revealed that in the case of Rogers led the poor record of Liverpool top with the famous Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti has contacted the Red Army intends to let the former Real Madrid (data) coach took the pointer, but "Daily Mirror" of the latest news, Ancelotti intended to replace Rogers location.

    Carlo Ancelotti has a wealth of coaching experience, he was at AC Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid have made Paris the league title. After leaving Real Madrid this summer, Italian people want to get some time to rest, although many giants in the summer contact Ancelotti, but the Italians did not coming out.


    Liverpool this summer to introduce Phil minoxidil, Milner, this Turk, Danny - Ince, Klein and other star players, but the team's current record is very poor, 6 after only got eight points This Liverpool executives and fans are very unhappy. This morning's League Cup third round, Liverpool was only barely pass through the penalty shootout, which shows Rogers did  cheap fifa 16 coins not have a good tune this Red Army.



    "Daily Mirror" said that although Liverpool executives were contacted with Carlo Ancelotti, the possibility of seeking to take over as coach marshal, but Ancelotti did not want to come to Anfield coach, but he privately told himself friend, he is currently in no hurry mountains, visible, Liverpool invite Ancelotti's fifa 15 coin websites plan will be wasted fifa 16 ultimate team coins.


    Interestingly, Liverpool Ancelotti's called "victims." As early as 1984, Ancelotti Rome where it defeated Liverpool in the Champions League final. Although watched the "Red Army" was crowned the fourth Champions League, Ancelotti still said at the time to create an atmosphere fifa ultimate team coins review of home fans that he was infectious, he had position, "since the 1984 clash with them on behalf of Rome, I would very much Like Liverpool, this is a club that excites me, 'You will never walk alone' fantastic, as no one can sing their team song like Liverpool fans. "


    It should be noted that, Ancelotti refused to Liverpool does not mean Rogers job to safety, after the news that the Red Army Klopp also coaching candidate, currently slag t the same stay at home, in the eyes of many fifa 15 ultimate team coins experts, former Dortmund coach technical and tactical style compatible with the Red Army.