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Exposure Barcelona Mingxia

  • Barca in the new season of obvious problems, 12 games in all competitions, the team has only 21 goals fetched, in addition to MSN combination, but Enrique is difficult to find qualified fourth score points. Spanish fifa 16 ultimate team coins review "World Sports Daily" today wrote that Barcelona technical department has delineated an important signings objects that Obame Yang Dott ace striker, who played in the new Bundesliga season, amazing, is second only to Levin Wan scorer.


    After losing Pedro, Barca lack of qualified substitute MSN combined, according to the current Enrique's team too, Suarez and Neymar three. It fifa 16 coin store review stands to reason that Barcelona can acquire a replacement front window in the winter will be, but the "Daily Sport newspaper," noted Barcelona in the winter window signings budget will not be more than 10 million euros, which means that Barcelona's multi-pen block "transactions "I had to wait until the summer.



    "World Sports Daily," said Barcelona technical director Robert - Fernandes believes Dott Obame star striker fifa 16 coins Yang could be an important substitute for Barcelona striker. Obame Yang play in the new Bundesliga season, amazing, before the start of eight, he has scored in each round, he has now scored 10 goals buy fifa coins in 12 goals behind top scorer of Levante group, taking into account every game he has fetched stability even more than the Poles.


    In the Spanish media seems, Obame Yang speed, technical ability and heading to Barcelona can bring help, and his efficient Enrique might be valued. In the case of MSN gripping the main striker, Enrique hoping to get off the bench can be a flash forward, and from Obame Yang efficiency point of view, he meet these requirements.


    Since its debut, Obame Yang steadily, now he has become a hot Bundesliga striker, in fact, in the past four seasons, his performance is very stable, cheap fifa coins has never been lower than 13 league goals, but this season, This name will undoubtedly usher in a blowout front. "World Sports Daily," said the face of Barcelona extended an olive branch, Obame Yang fifa 16 coins ps4  gives a positive signal that he is willing to come to the Nou Camp this summer effect, perhaps then look at how to shoot a barca Let Dortmund can not refuse price.