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FUT Paris is not exposed to the spare tire fixed Cristiano Rona

  • Two giants Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United are interested in next year introduce summer Arsenal (data) striker Sanchez, which Van Gaal has promised to Chile front Pa, if he came to the Theatre of Dreams,fifa 16 ultimate team coins review  it will become the core of Manchester reconstruction.


    Arsenal's first season, Sanchez on state hot, he scored 16 goals in 35 league games, helping the Gunners win the Champions League qualification, while Sanchez is the team won the FA Cup hero. Since the start of the new season, Chileans continue to brave play, fifa 16 coin website reviews scored 6 goals in the Premier League now, this offense can be instigated attack in the field, it can also become the Terminator, which makes him the transfer market meat and potatoes.


    Spanish "Mr. Football" broke the news, Paris intends to acquire Sanchez in the next year, the French champions move motivation is very clear, that is to allow Sanchez to become a substitute Ibrahimovic or Cavani, currently the two front Pa Paris are likely in next year summer leave Parc des Princes stadium. Especially Ibrahimovic, the Swede's contract will expire in the summer of next year, although Paris also poaching Cristiano Ronaldo, but not necessarily Lafayette release. Once the Cristiano Ronaldo did not come, so Sanchez will be in Paris restructuring plan B striker.



    "Mr. Football" also confirmed that Manchester United are playing the star of the idea, although heavy poaching Arsenal looks difficult, but Robin van Persie from Manchester United had introduced gunmen array, therefore, Van Gaal want to copy such operations. It is worth mentioning that Van Gaal to Sanchez promised, if he would come to Old Trafford, then Sanchez will become the core strength of Manchester reconstruction. Taking into account the age and state of Wayne Rooney, Manchester United striker Sanchez became the first card is not possible, so visible Manchester United Invite Sanchez sincerity fifa 16 coin store review.


    Leaving Macy pleased that during their own missing injured, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, not only has not been pulling away, but in the just concluded round of La Liga, Real Madrid lose the opportunities ahead by 3 points. Two weeks after the match-ups and lay a good foundation. On Sunday night, Messi did visit the site as previous rounds cheer for Barcelona, ​​when Argentina King with his son Tiago box appears at the Nou Camp, Barcelona fans immediately won buy fifa coins the applause and cheers, of course, Finally, God punished the Soviet Union into the penalty + Neymar scored twice to lead the result 3-0 win Barca Messi also very happy.


    "World Sports Daily" disclosure, in addition to Spain do not want to miss such an important derby game, the two fiery strike partner status is the key reason to pay Messi eager hope, Neymar and Suarez arranged the recent Barcelona's 16 league goals , prove to the world as there is no Messi Barcelona can firepower, Messi is looking forward to be able to strike partner and the two recombinant MSN, and the like competition in the Spanish National Derby angry.