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  • The attribute that determines the accuracy of crosses during both where to buy FIFA 16 Coins normal running and free kick set pieces. This is basically the attribute for the players who play through the wings, but it also has an influence over free kick set pieces, which although aren’t used very frequently can be a good way to catch the opponent’s defence by surprise.

    Cross runs are a role that’s also performed by the full backs, and that’s why the position gets medium importance. Although if your full backs cross more often than your wingers, something’s not right. Usually the wingers and wide midfielders are the ones who perform the most crosses. Depending on your formation a CAM might also participate on that.

    Making good use of Crossing
    – This is an attribute that actually  
    FIFA 16 Coins Reviews “needs” to be made good use of. Crossing just as you reach the goal line might result in the goalkeeper intercepting even if your player has excellent Crossing. Don’t cross while over the goal line unless you’re able to make your player turn around first.

    – Use a left footed player on the right wing and a right footed one on the left wing. Run towards the area then fake shot your way into his preferred foot in order to make the cross, hold L1 while crossing and fill 2-3 power bars. Do that and just be happy, you’ll see the results are good.

    – Choose players with good Heading Accuracy and Volleys so that you’re able to make the most out of your crosses, after all scoring is the objective here.

    Squads with high Crossing
    It doesn’t make sense to build a team full of players with high Crossing. However, if you intend to abuse of crosses, using the Serie A is a good alternative, with Candreva on the left and Mounier on the right (switched up like we said before). Madzukic smashing with headers and Higuain for lower balls. I say www.fifa-coins.com you can win the third division title with this team.

    – You may be surprised for not seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar in the top 3 list, but what if I said that they’re not even in the top 30?! That’s right, and they do play as RW and LW. They’re all excellent cheap fifa coins players but this just doesn’t happen to be one of their highlighted attributes.