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Salman said the FIFA President will generate between me and Inf

  • AFC President Xisaerman when 31 high-profile interview, said the new term where to buy fifa coins will vary between FIFA President in his generation who Tarantino and UEFA General Secretary.

    Election Commission has confirmed that FIFA had five legitimate qualify for the FIFA presidency election, they are Prince Ali Hussein of Jordan, the Asian Football Confederation main fifa coins reviews Xisaerman, UEFA General Secretary because Fandi Snow, the former deputy secretary general of FIFA Jay French Champagne and South Sussex Virgin.

    Salman is considered the largest popular election, he himself is confident, "When I decided to participate in the campaign, I think they have a great opportunity ...... Gianni has the backing of UEFA, from what I hear the messages and their feelings, I think would be a person between us. "

    The new Chairman of the FIFA elections will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, February 26, Salman believes that if the FIFA 15 Coins IOS current five candidates was not compare fifa coins prices getting enough support, should take the initiative to withdraw as soon as possible. "If a candidate did not get the minimum nomination vote, I think he should not continue to run," Salman said.

    According to the rules of FIFA president election, every candidate needs to obtain at least five nominations under FIFA member associations. South African media recently revealed that one of the Sussex Vale candidates will choose to abstain, but the Sussex Vale 31 interviewed stressed that "will not withdraw from free fifa 16 coins FIFA president election" will always stick to the election of the 26th General Assembly.