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  • Emenac Packaging provides cheap custom printed cardboard popcorn boxes wholesale with free shipping in United States Purchase, construction, renovation, renovate their houses when the case in accordance with the provisions of the loan and will be returned to the workers housing fund. "Auditing transfer notice" shows that car world just illegal misappropriation of housing accumulation mainly in four aspects. First, illegal housing fund will lend to real estate developers and other legal 250 million US dollar, involving almost all the Emenac Packaging offers custom popcorn boxes real estate Emenac Packaging produces personalized popcorn boxes company, as of the date of the audit there are 190 million US dollar loan was not recovered. Second, in order to make up a list of employees, and developers, conspiracy to defraud the housing provident fund loans to 74.81 million US dollar, as of the date of the audit is still 2.22 million US dollar has not yet recovered. Third, in order to defraud the housing fund false material support affordable housing pilot, misappropriated 240 million US dollar of housing provident fund loans to developers, as of the date of the audit of all unrecovered. Fourth, in the name of renovation loans, loans to 433 million US dollar, as well as through multiple accounts, illegal  Emenac Packaging provides cheap customized printed with logo popcorn package boxes with free shipping Misappropriation of Emenac Packaging provides cheap popcorn boxes 79 million US dollar. Related Statistics found that the number of Emenac Packaging involving more than 30 thousand of fabricating the purchase list. As of April 2013, Tongue New York City housing fund balance of 2.799 billion US dollar. Car world has just appropriated a total term of 10 years accounted for 40% of the housing fund. By contrast, before been called "the first case of the National Housing Fund" and "Changzhou fund case" misappropriation of housing fund 62,055,000 US dollar, Gansu "Lanzhou fund case" illegal personalized popcorn boxes by Emenac Packaging loans to 117 million US dollar, "Tongue Fund Case "it is 18 times the amount of money involved in Hunan Changzhou, Lanzhou 10 times. "Auditing transfer notice" is just one of the audit report verified Shebang car and others suspected of a crime. Tongue Municipal Housing Fund was illegal diversion, something illegal loans, since 2004, it was reported, and has been verified audit department. Since 2004, the audit authority basically every year Tongue New York City Housing Fund Personalized popcorn boxes by Emenac Packaging Center of the audit, each audit pointed to the housing provident fund loans to  Emenac Packaging provides cheap made to order popcorn packaging material with free shipping in United States