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BBC led Arbeloa unsuccessful






    Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez announced the Champions League FIFA 16 game against Donetsk miners squad, BBC led, Arbeloa absent, Qielishefu replace Vazquez. NEW YORK, Sept. 14 report: Beijing on September 14 evening, Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez announced the Champions League first match day against the 19-man squad Donetsk miners, BBC lead, Arbeloa absent, Cheri Stanishev alternative Vazquez. Real Madrid announced the squad against Donetsk miners with respect to a large list of three La Liga match against Espanyol, Real Madrid's list of a total of two changes, fut coins defense Arbeloa missed, in the front with the Russians Qielishefu substitute the local star Vazquez, injury in the body of the Brazilian fullback Danilo and Colombian midfielder Hamei Si - Rodriguez is still absent. The last training before the FIFA 16 game, a day after a separate training indoors defender Sergio - Ramos completed joint training with the ultimate team, Abu Nell from Real Madrid two ultimate teams, Eudes high, and Mariano Marcos - Llorente also participated in the first-ultimate team training. The training began from strength training room, before heading the training ground, the FIFA 16 players mainly practiced passing and defense closing down. This season's Champions League, Real Madrid are in Group A, with French champions Paris Saint-Germain, black super champion Donetsk miners and the Swedish super-group champion Malmo with Galacticos FIFA 16 game sequence is: at home to Donetsk miners, away to Malmo, away to Paris, home to Paris, away to Donetsk miners and home to Malmo. Attached Donetsk miners against Real Madrid squad: Goalkeepers: Casilla, Navas, Yanez; Defenders: Guevara, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo, Carbajal, Nacho; in Field: Modric, Cross, Casemiro, Isco, Bell, Heikki Milicic, Qielishefu; forward: C Ronaldo, Benzema, Hesse