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C Lo Real Madrid won two awards was named IFFHS Best Team

  • Beijing on September 10 evening , Real Madrid Real Madrid club officially announced the world's best club won the 2014 award . Real Madrid captain Ramos on behalf of the team took the trophy from IFHHS ( International Federation of Football History and Statistics ) institutions.
    IFHHS recognized Real Madrid brilliant 2014 , in that year , Real Madrid won the Champions League , World Club Cup , European Super Cup and the King's Cup . Because these four titles , Real Madrid in the IFFHS score to achieve a breakthrough , up 381 points, 276 points to finish second to Bayern , Atletico third 267 points , 251 points fourth Barcelona . 
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    In addition to the award-winning Real Madrid , Real Madrid squad two players also have a harvest . Portuguese star C Lo harvest awards , he won the IFFHS awarded the best scorer award in 2014 year as well as top League top scorer award
    Best scorer award depends on your goals in European competition as well as in the national team , C Lo 20 goals total harvest , defeated two rivals Neymar ( 19 balls ) followed by Messi ( 18 goals ) . C Ronaldo for Real Madrid scored 15 goals in European competitions , including 13 games in the Champions League , the European Super Cup two goals , he also scored five goals in Portugal . Top league top scorer award is C Luo with Suarez shared an honor , in the 2013/14 season , both scored 31 goals in the league.
    Real Madrid midfielder best chance FY2014 Cross harvest IFFHS ranked creator. Germany midfielder received a total of 110 votes, beating Lionel Messi ( 108 votes ) and their opponents J Lo ( 53 votes ) .