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Fix for the Epsilon Affairs missions not advanced

  • The Admirable Theft Auto 5 application that went reside this morning and enabled Admirable Theft Auto Online aswell included a few fixes for issues that circumscribed up in the single-player adventitious mode, according to administrator Rockstar Games.Shortly afterwards Admirable Theft Auto 5 launched on Sept. 17, some players arise that their upgraded and customized cars were vanishing Cheap NBA 2K16 Coins. Today's application fixes that problem, as able-bodied as six others. Here's the abounding annual Fix for interface issues if application Internet on the corpuscle buzz afterwards commutual the game, or during a mission epitomize Fix for the Vanilla Unicorn occasionally acceptable apprenticed Fix for issues breadth the character's money could bead below aught and become ashore there


    Fix for the Epsilon Affairs missions not advanced appropriately afterwards carrying some cars Fix for affair breadth the Atomic Blimp sometimes does not arise as a buzz acquaintance for NBA 2K16 MT.Collector's Copy owners Fix for issues with adored cars traveling missing, or accident their upgrades Fixes for several map escape and blow issues alternating with added assorted bug fixesAccording to the latest amend from Rockstar Support, which came at 530 p.m. ET today, Rockstar is "continuing to accessory into" issues with Admirable Theft Auto Online.