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The Raven Chapter Two — takes antecedence over any

  • Nordic Amateur isn't acquisitive to blitz into projects involving the backdrop it acquired from THQ beforehand this year, but is starting to lay down the accomplishments for their next installments — one of which could be arise by the end of the year.Speaking to Polygon at Gamescom, Nordic Amateur arch of business and artefact development Reinhard Pollice explained that its accepted slate of attainable titles — including the Indiana Jones-esque ballista Deadfall Adventures and 3D adventitious bold Buy FIFA 16 Coins. The Raven Chapter Two — takes antecedence over any new THQ projects. "The activity is, the accepted calendar with The Raven and Deadfall, we affectionate of anchored it afore we knew we were gonna acquire the THQ stuff," Pollice said. "That was all anxiously planned — some things started in 2011."

    Pollice said that the company's highest-priority backdrop acquired from THQ awning Darksiders, MX vs. ATV and Titan Quest — all of which would crop a abundant aggregate of plan to brace up with a accomplice and develop."I avant-garde we'll see, or I achievement we'll see, one advertisement in 2013 already FIFA 16 Coins.""We don't ambition to blitz into new developments based on these new backdrop we acquire now, because that would be the amiss step. We could calmly — there are bags of developers out there who would like to accomplice with us and plan on Darksiders or Red Faction, or whatever big IP there is out there, but that's the amiss approach.