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The BlackBerry 10 now supports gamepad controllers

  • The BlackBerry 10 now supports gamepad controllers, and the phonemaker is blame to get added developers to achieve amateur for the device, according to BlackBerry's aggregation baton of its amateur division Cheap NBA 2K16 Coins, Sean Paul Taylor.Speaking to Polygon, Taylor said all BlackBerry 10 accessories can now be affronted into console-like gaming accessories by abutting them to customer HID gamepad controllers and an HDMI cable amalgamation to a television set.

    In accomplishing so, players can either play their adaptable amateur on a television set, or they can berth their buzz on a ambassador and play it as a handheld console. The phones affix to the accessories via Blue-tooth and abutment them appropriate out of the box Buy FIFA 16 Coins. There is no charge to install gamepad apps. Among the gamepad controllers accordant with the BlackBerry 10 are the Moga Pro Bold controller, the SteelSeries Chargeless controller, the Gametel ambassador and Nintendo Wii Remote."You see the Ouya and GameStick ... they're not accomplishing that able-bodied with the bold sales..."