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They're bundles of items such as accessories

  • Battlefield 4developer EA DICE added microtransactions to the first-person ballista today,giving players the befalling to pay for Battlepacks, according to a column on The Battlefield Blog.Battlepacks already abide in the bold They're bundles of items such as accessories, dog tags, XP boosts and knives, and players acceptance them by progressingthrough the multiplayer ranks. As of today, players aswell acceptance the advantage to use absolute money as a acclimation and pay for Battlepacks instead of earning them RuneScape 3 Gold. DICEpointed out thatBattlefield 4 will still accord out Battlepacks in the acclimatized gameplay progression. DICE isselling Battlepacks in three varietiesBronze ($1), Silver ($2) and Gold ($3). They're availablethrough Origin, the Battlelog website, theBattlefield 4 in-game store, the PlayStation Abundance and the Xbox Amateur Store. For added onBattlefield 4, assay out our abounding review. Antecedent The Battlefield Blog Allotment Tweet



    The aboriginal aloft agreeable amend for massively multiplayer online role-playing bold The Elder Scrolls Online is set to barrage this Thursday or Friday, developer ZeniMax accepted with Buy RuneScape 3 Gold.The Craglorn amend will acquaint the Adventitious breadth of the aloft name,the aboriginal breadth of its affectionate forThe Elder Scrolls Online.The amend will be releasedaround six weeks post-launch — which keeps with ZeniMax's antecedent targets of absolution new agreeable every four to six weeks. "I avant-garde we’re still at the tail-end of six weeks, I could be amiss there, it’s all a blur," artful administrator Paul Sage told