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According to a column on Metal Accessory Network

  • Konami is affairs an in-game bill alleged Mother Abject Bill for Metal Accessory Solid 5 The Phantom Pain — a bill that players acquirement application real-world money and absorb to aggrandize their abject in one of the game's multiplayer modes.Doing so not alone allowances players in the game's one-versus-one multiplayer mode, alleged Advanced Operating Base, it aswell boosts the amount at which players admission assets and added currencies in the single-player campaign 2K16 MT Coins. According to a column on Metal Accessory Network, citation listings on the PlayStation Store, Mother Abject Bill will be awash in bundles alignment from $1.65 (for 100 coins) to $79.99 (for 6,000 coins).

    Those prices are in New Zealand dollars; we're cat-and-mouse to verify U.S. pricing, but the game's servers are currently in aliment mode.Konami reps accept said that Mother Abject Bill areonly accessible to acquirement with real-world funds, but aFAQ for 2K16 MT Coins. The Phantom Pain says "players "will sometimes be awarded MB Bill for free, for instance as a circadian bonus." We didn't admission any Mother Abject Bill during about 60 hours of playtime, but we weren't arena on reside servers. In The Phantom Pain's Advanced Operating Abject (FOB) mode, players accept the advantage to aggrandize their headquarters, Mother Base, by architecture an alien base. That abject is an optional, online adjustment of