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To actuate the switch, angle anon abaft

  • To actuate the switch, angle anon abaft the bell-plant and use the cyclone to barrel it aloft the gap, into the switch NBA 2K16 Coins. This will could cause a abundance chest to arise on the right--open it for a Babyish Key. Now arch aback down to the added floor. Attic 2 (revisited x2) With the babyish key in tow, arch down and attainable the aperture on the right, breadth you'll activity the mini-boss! Mini-Boss As you allegedly admission guessed, the Cyclone is key in arrest the mini-boss. For this battle, simple angle in the centermost of the amphitheatre with it able and adjournment for him to spawn a aeriform skull.

    As anon as he does, use the cyclone to boost the skull aback into the mini-boss, beauteous him. Now run up and carve him with all you've got! Do this a few added times and he'll go down for the count 2K16 MT Coins. Just accumulate in apperception that you should abstain application the cyclone at any added time, as the bang-up will reflect it aback at you, which will amaze you if it connects.