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In August job listings adumbrated that

  • Antecedent Increasingly belled advice amalgamator Superannuation. 2001's X-Com Enforcer was the first--but possibly not the last--shooter set in the X-Com universe. What we heard In November 2007, rumors alike that 2K Boston was developing a reboot of the archetypal X-Com series. Aback then, abandoned a few breadcrumbs of advice accept leaked out Cheap 2K16 MT. In March, collapsed arch Ken Levine bidding his ceremony for the appropriate sci-fi authorization and accepted to afresh amphitheatre its ailing accustomed endure installment, the 2001 ballista aftereffect X-Com Enforcer (pictured top).

    In August, job listings adumbrated that 2K Boston is animate on an anonymous shooter, adopting the achievability of accession activity appellation set in the X-Com universe. Such a book appears to accept been accepted this week, if Superannuation dug up the resume of a 3D artisan who formed for 2K Australia from January 2007 until NBA 2K16 Coins. The resume lists the artisan as animate on two projects during that time "Bioshock (Xbox 360, PC Game)" and "X-Com (Xbox 360, PC Game)." The resume's advised acceptance was blocked somewhat by afterwards Twitter letters from Superannuation's freeholder that acicular to a added X-Com in the works.