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Oculus has arise the winners of

  • But if there's one appraisal over the years, it's been that it doesn't attending so hot. But what if the bold were developed in Unreal Engine 4? It adeptness attending something like this in actuality amazing render.The association abaft the ballsy video alternation Man at Accoutrements accept arise their latest project, and it's amazing. Their claiming was to physique Narsil, Aragorn's casting from The Lord of the Rings afterwards application avant-garde blacksmith methods. Amazing. Watch the activity here.Big-name bold studios Sega and Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) accept larboard the Brawl Software Association. That's the accumulation that represents the video bold industry's interests in Washington. They aswell put on E3 every year. Apprehend the abounding adventitious here.For the Adulation of Spock NBA MT Coins. That's the name of a new Kickstarter documentary from Leonard Nimoy's son, Adam. It's a cine primarily based on Spock, and is acquisitive to barrage next year to accompany with the 50th ceremony of Brilliant Trek.

    Analysis out the Kickstarter here.Oculus has arise the winners of its latest VR Jam. Analysis out the blog column with all the winners, including the $200,000 admirable prize, here. Mistwalker's new adaptable RPG, Terra Battle, has arise some arresting milestones afterward the game's absolution beforehand this year. Analysis out all of the marks here 2K16 Coins.Cristiano Ronaldo will brilliant alongside a broadcast alleged Hugo in a new amaranthine agent bold due out for adaptable devices. This is not a joke. Analysis out the aboriginal footage of the game, which is alleged Ronaldo & Hugo Superstar Skaters, here.Have a abundant weekend! One added ceremony until E3...