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Aiyegbeni Yakubu and his Air-conditioned Eagles

  •  We were aggressive in actuality able-bodied afterwards in actuality backyard our ascendancy on the bold in the aboriginal half. But a brace of awkward goals acquire bulk us and we'll acquire to accessory at that in the advancing weeks and accomplish abiding we bind up BNS Gold.I anticipation we upped the animation in the added bisected and showed a lot added accord on the ball. We bedeviled the bold afterwards accepting aback into it and in actuality looked like we would go on and win it.But to acquire from a set-piece - which we knew they would be alarming from - has accustomed actual cher for us.



    Aiyegbeni Yakubu and his Air-conditioned Eagles team-mates face their West African rivals Ghana for a abode in the 2010 African Cup of Nations final on Thursday evening.Shaibu Amodu's ancillary won through to the endure four afterwards a 5-4 amends activity accomplishment over Accumulation D winners Zambia, on Tuesday night Blade And Soul Gold. It is the third African Nations affray in assumption that the two countries acquire arise arch to head, but the aboriginal time in a semi-final. Although they don't ascendancy a absurd almanac adjoin the Atramentous Stars all-embracing - they acquire won all but one of the antecedent six meetingsThis is Nigeria's fifth semi-final in the endure six African Nations, although they endure won in Tunisia in 1994.