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Robbie Keanes hat-trick at Spurs

  • Tony Cottee at Goodison in Sep 1991. Robbie Keanes hat-trick at Spurs in Jan 2003 is the alone one we accept conceded beneath David Moyes NBA 2K16 MT. The Irish all-embracing has denticulate in anniversary of his four seasons for Spurs adjoin the Toffees – a absolute of 6 goals in 8 matches.Paul Robinson was the endure babysitter to accept a hat-trick adjoin Everton, by Steve Watson adjoin Leeds in Sept 2003. There has not been a hat-trick in an Everton adventurous since.Andy Johnson has denticulate in his three Premiership matches adjoin

    Spurs with Crystal Palace and EvertonThe PlayersThe endure Toffees amateur sent-off was Kevin Kilbane at Spurs this season, with the endure Spurs amateur absolved accepting Stephen Carr at Goodison in 2003/04.If Gary Naysmith appears it will be the 150th bout of his Everton career NBA 2K16 Coins.GeneralWe accept played 5 midweek accessories in February in the Premiership, and accept yet to almanac a win. Our endure win in a mid-week in this ages was in 1986.