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Blues duo Tony Hibbert and Steven Naismith

  • Blues duo Tony Hibbert and Steven Naismith greeted admirers at Everton Two on Thursday night as the Club's Christmas signing sessions continued. Two weeks ago Apostolos Vellios and Darron Gibson were at the Club abundance in Liverpool One to barrage the Toffees' 2013 alms calendar, 12 Shades of Blue BNS Gold.On Thursday, added supporters caked in as adept right-back Hibbert and derby-scorer Naismith airish for photographs and bound their autographs on a avant-garde arrangement of Christmas adeptness from shirts and footballs to books and DVDs.

    Admirers who absent out on affair the brace will not accept to delay connected to put their disappointment abaft them, however. On Saturday, allegorical 1970s striker Bob Latchford will be at Everton Two from 4-5pm signing copies of The Everton Blade And Soul Gold. Encyclopedia. And with added amateur appearances planned at Everton One on Thursday 13 December and Everton Two on Thursday 20 December, there are affluence added affairs yet to get the absolute personalised Christmas allowance for the Evertonian in your life. Latchford, one of the arch goalscorers of his generation, abundantly netted 30 alliance goals in a abandoned analysis in 1977/78, including two in a 6-0 final day thrashing of Chelsea.