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There's aswell the reflections of administrator

  • This year marks the 25th commemoration of Everton's greatest-ever season Cheap BNS Gold. Aboriginal came the adapted archetype commemorative shirts for the 2009/10 campaign, afresh February's abundant alliance at Liverpool's ACC Arena. Now, we've produced two must-have souvenirs to ensure the Alliance and European Cup Winners' Cup triumphs of 1985 are never forgotten.

    The first, 'The Greatest Season' DVD, brings you complete interviews with all the first-team stars, including appetence heroes Graeme Aciculate and Andy Gray, addition wizards Trevor Steven and Kevin Sheedy and the Club's a lot of acknowledged anytime captain, Kevin Ratcliffe; the key men on all the key talking credibility of a majestic year BNS Gold. There's aswell the reflections of administrator Howard Kendall and abettor Colin Harvey, added superb adequate bender action from all the key games, including those acclaimed nights adjoin Bayern Munich and Rapid Vienna. To accompany the DVD there's 'Everton's Greatest Analysis The Allowance Magazine'.