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Alan Curbishley said Paolo's tweakedhis hamstring

  • Charlton Athletic's adorning striker, Paulo Di Canio,may absence out on his accepted balmy Goodison acceptable this Wednesdaythrough injury 2K16 VC Coins.The bohemian Italian, who is still affectionately remembered at Evertonfor his absolute sportsmanship if he bent the brawl to acquiesce PaulGerrard to recieve treatment, limped off the acreage afore half-timein Charlton's 1-1 draw with Arsenal on Sunday afterwards scoring atrademark chipped penalty-kick.Addicks administrator


    Alan Curbishley said Paolo's tweakedhis hamstring just abaft the knee. I anticipate we're traveling to haveto be absolutely accurate with him because we fast-tracked him aback tofull exercise absolutely - he was active about like a 16-year-olduntil he came off.He played about two hours adjoin Luton Town in theCarling Cup and afresh I larboard him out adjoin Liverpool, which hedidn't absolutely understand 2K16 MT. But afresh he came aback and playedalmost 90mins at Blackburn and was fantastic.I don't anticipate his abrasion will be too bad, but theinternational breach can't appear quick abundant for us now -I've got seven chief players out and hopefully we can get oneor two aback in that two-week break.