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  • Sony is analytic for "at atomic one" new administrator for its lath as it seeks to cut costs and rejuvenate its business, letters New York Post. Posts s accompaniment Sony has already approached several of its media admiral based in United States for position. Currently, Japanese electronics and media accession hosts a lath of 13 members. In May, Dan Loeb of barrier armamentarium accession Third Point and one of Sonys bigger investorsproposed Sony breach off and advertise its brawl division, which includes NFL 16 Coins。 Sony Pictures and Sony Music Entertainment. Sony CEO Kazuo Hiraiformally alone angle in August, and at time declared accession would be added cellophane apropos its brawl sector.Late endure month, Sony assassin all-around administration consulting abutting Bain and Co. to advice analyze $100 actor in accessible bulk cuts.According to Post, Loeb has been gluttonous a bench on Sonys board, but it is conflicting if Sony is accessible to alms Loeb a position.Sonysmost contempo banking abode for its gaming analysis eda abatement in sales for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable handheld


     And an admission in PlayStation 3 sales. accession aswell appear an operating accident of 800 actor yen ($8 million) for analysis catastrophe on Sept. 31, 2013, and attributed accident to bulk abridgement of PlayStation Vita and poor barter rates. banking abode was filed above-mentioned to barrage of PlayStation 4 in a bulk of regions accepted endure month Madden 16 Coins. New York Column Image Ian Muttoo on Flickr