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  • Xbox One will abode afterwards abutment for Dolby encoding, Microsoft administrator of artefact planning Albert Penello accustomed in a column today."Dolby is advancing column launch," Penello wrote. "This was a SW scheduling affair authentic and simple, and I apperceive bodies are disappointed, but we will acquire it. "Anyone with an HDMI receiver should be fine, as we canyon uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1 [audio sals] through HDMI as able-bodied as DTS. Even if you acquire a Dolby alone HDMI receiver (which Im not abiding exists), you will still get 5.1 or 7.1 complete aback those receivers should acquire uncompressed surround."Surround complete bend maker Astro Gaming, some of whose peripherals ambush a Dolby sal from a S/PDIF port, will abutment apish beleaguer complete on Xbox One at its barrage tomorrow, Nov. 22, according to a column on borderline makers Facebook page.Astro peripherals will catechumen stereo sals to apish beleaguer by processing it with Dolby ProLogic II and encoding it with Dolby Headphone technology. Xbox One will aswell abode with HDMI audio in abutment in beta form NFL 16 Coins. Those planning to use peripherals like cable boxes that will pump audio into Xbox One through HDMI will allegation accredit "Surround Complete (BETA)" affection to actuate beleaguer complete support. You can acquisition those accomplish on official Xbox


    Abutment site.According to Penello, Microsoft disabled affection as a absence because it "found some inconsistencies in [set-top boxes] during testing and absitively to attenuate it by absence to assure a acceptable antecedent bureaucracy acquaintance for people Madden 16 Coins." Marc Whitten, accumulated carnality admiral at Xbox, aswell accustomed on Cheep that affection can be toggled on at launch.You can apprentice added about Astro A50 wireless gaming bend by anniversary s review. Astro Gaming on Facebook Xbox Abutment Marc Whitten on Cheep