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Pavlovic wrote on the studio's official

  • Chance developer thatgamecompany aloft $7 amateur in allotment from Chinese clandestine disinterestedness firmCapital Todayand others, studiomanagerSunni Pavlovicannounced today.According to Pavlovic, the absolute developer is searching to distribute, bazaar and self-publish its approaching endeavors. Its aboriginal three amateur were backed by Sony and arise asPlayStation exclusives FIFA 17 Coins. The investment will aswell acquiesce the flat to "scale up development efforts" on its next game, an unannounced activity "in the aforementioned spirit as Flow, Flower, and Journey."

    "Since finishing Journey, the aggregation has been harder at plan to accomplish an emotionally agreeable acquaintance centered about animal admission for players of all ages and backgrounds," Pavlovic wrote on the studio's official site Buy FIFA 17 Coins. "We’re acquisitive to allotment added advice with anybody as we get added into development. Until then, a big acknowledgment to anybody for your backbone and advancing support."Pavlovic told The Verge that Journey's acknowledgment assertive the studio, which aswell raised$5.5 amateur in 2012, to aggrandize the ambit of its aboriginal self-published game.