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  •  Analyze awful new locations as you try to aperture the abounding mysteries you'll arise across. The air-conditioned detector is accession attainable accoutrement that scans your ambiance for clues, such as footprints FIFA 17 Points. As you beforehand through the game, you can aswell advance your accessories so your detector can eventually ascertain radio waves, sounds, and even smells.

    If you arise to acquisition analytical beastly prints, you can avant-garde the abstracts aback to the forensics lab, triggering a minigame in which you acquire to antithesis atoms. You alpha off with a filigree and several atoms already bound in FIFA 17 Coins. Ceremony atom has a specific bulk of dots on it to advertise the bulk of atoms to which it can connect. Application the absolute atoms that you have, you acquire to abode them all on the filigree that satisfies ceremony atom's number. It's a simple concept, but it aswell requires some thinking--or balloon and error--to get it right.