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    The Doc Bar Bloodline




    Many Famous and Infamous American Quarter Horses, in and out of the spotlight have Doc Bar in their pedigree.


    Doc Bar was folaed in 1956 at the Tom Finleys Ranch in Arazona and his sire was an extraordinary sire, a stallion naed Lighting Bolt who was a son of the famous throughbred Three Bars. His dam was Dandy Doll, a daughter of Texas Dandy. Dandys Dolls dam was a decendant of Joe Reed. Doc Bar was bred to be a race horse and ended up becoming an outstanding halter horse and once he started his sire career he would also end up transforming the cutting horse industry as no other horse has ever matched.


    At age two Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale , 14.2 hands tall and 1000 pounds, Doc Bar was hauled to Tucson to run the dusty straight aways at Rillito Park, where he failed as a runner, earning only $95 dollars in four starts, lighting the board only once. In Doc Bars last out, in 1958, he ran next to last in a 330 yard futurity trail race. Though he was a total failure on the race track Cheap NBA Jerseys Online , Doc Bars offspring ended up dominating the cutting world.


    Even though Doc Bar could never be considered a performance horse he later turned out to be a good halter horse. Doc Bar ended up being shown at halter 13 times with a stunning 12 wins, 1 second, 36 national points and 10 grand and reserve grands. And stranger yet is the fact that he was never ridden in a single competition, his offspring forever changed the cutting horse industry with their ability and style.


    The halter horse structure soon changed and turned to taller horses, Doc Bars career as a halter horse was soon over. During this changing time, Doc Bars owners crossed him several Poco Tivio ares, producing the first long line of amazing cow horses. One fine example of this magic crossing of abilities was the are Fizzbar Cheap NBA Jerseys , out of Doc Bar and out of a Poco Tivio mare. This famous and talented mare ended up in the NCHA Hall of Fame, she was the National Cutting Horse Association World Champion Mare.


    Charlie Ward was Doc Bars breeding manager and he once explained what was so special about the Doc Bar bloodline. “The key to Doc Bars success as a sire is that hes always been very consistant in his type. His colts were typically uniform in build and posses a lot of sence. They are easy to train and tend to have a natural ability, with every horse having a lot of cow to them”.


    Doc Bars traits were always well received by the rodeo community because of their athleticism, intelligence and abilities. Several of Doc Bars offspring went on to change the AQHA itsself. Horses such as:


    Doc O Lena, AQHA Hall of fame and 5 time National Cutting Horse Association Reserve World Champion.


    Lynx Melody, AQHA Hall of Fame


    Dry Doc, 1971 NCHA


    Docs Marmoset聽 1973 NCHA Champion


    Docs Yuba Lea, 1974 NCHA Champion


    Lenaette,聽 1975 NCHA Champion


    Docs Diablo,聽 1979 NCHA Champion


    Mis Royal Mahogany聽 1980 NCHA


    Smart Little Lena,聽 1982 NCHA


    Smart Date,聽 1987聽 NCHA Champion


    Smart Little Senor,聽 1988 NCHA Champion


    Doc Bar will always be remembered as the horse that revolutionized the cutting horse world and his influence continues today. Doc Bar sired 485 foals and 31 AQHA Champions, 132 offspring earned registeres of merit. The NCHA will never be the same after Doc Bar.

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