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  • Remember the trampolines that were available when we were kids? I sure do Major Wright Jersey , and I'll tell you what, they were a lot different than the trampolines that are available today. In fact, the trampolines I remember were about 3 feet wide and meant for nothing more than jumping up and down vertically until you got tired (or bored). In fact, I think they call those mini trampolines now, and they are usually used for exercise.

    But now, there are trampolines in all sizes, and with the way kids use them these days it's almost an acrobatic sport as opposed to a toy, with people doing all kinds of tricks and even using boards on them. Not only are the mini trampolines still popular, but now an 8ft or 10ft trampoline is considered fairly compact, or if you've got extra room and a budget, you can get a 13X13ft square jumbo trampoline.

    So what size should you get and why? Let's look at some of the variables to consider.

    1. The Size of the Jumpers

    The first thing to think about is the size of your jumpers—or the weight, to be more specific. An 8ft model might be good enough for small children, but if your kids are getting a little bigger and heavier Luke Stocker Jersey , you should probably spring for the 10ft trampoline at the very least. This can support quite a bit more weight and activity.

    If adults are going to be getting on to it, you should get a family-sized or jumbo trampoline that is built to support more weight.

    2. The Size of Your Yard

    Another obvious factor is the size of your yard. You don't want to just squeeze it in where you can make it fit; you need to have adequate room for clearance so that people don't bounce off and hit something close by. Even if your trampoline comes with netting, which is a great safety feature to have, you need 16ft of clearance for an 8ft trampoline, 18ft for a 10ft trampoline, and 21X21ft for a 13X13 jumbo trampoline.

    3. How Much Bounce You Want?

    How much bounce do you want your trampoline to have? You can generally assume that the bigger the model, the more bounce it will have. More bounce also means less surface stability, so when children are walking around, they will need good balance to keep from falling over. This can be good for developing their motor skills, but keep in mind that for smaller children it can be a bit less fun if they can't even stand up.

    4. How Active Are Your Jumpers?

    What the jumbo trampolines are really good for are active jumpers—not only for the additional bounce but the room to move around. As kids get older and enter their teen years, they need quite a bit more out of a trampoline, and many will start doing tricks, like flips Louis Murphy Jersey , to have more fun and test their bodies more. Some kids on trampolines can be likened to a gymnast in the skills they develop.

    5. Big Doesn't Mean Room for More

    Keep in mind that a bigger trampoline does not mean the more the merrier. Significant injuries often result when more than one jumper goes at the same time, regardless of the size of the trampoline.

    So look at all these different variables and think about what size you need to get the ultimate in both safety and fun.

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