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    -Albert Pujols: Best Hitter on the Best Offense-

    Albert Pujols is putting up MVP numbers so far. Being that he's the best player on arguably the best team, if things continue this way he'll get plenty of individual hardware when the season comes to a close. As of Thursday, April 30, 2009, Pujols is leading the Cardinals in runs (20), hits (24), home runs (7), RBI (25 Mario Edwards Jr Elite Jersey , he's also leading the league in RBI), stolen bases (3), walks (17), on base percentage (.448), and slugging percentage (.653). Albert hasn't just been hitting at a high rate for a spurt in the beginning, either. You'd expect his incredible numbers to diminish as the season went on, but the stats tell otherwise. Prince Albert has, in the past nine games, from the New York Mets Series to April 29 Amari Cooper Elite Jersey , 2009, been slugging .688 and batting .375. He's been consistently brilliant, and shows no signs of letting up.
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