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Success introduced glass fire door manufacturers

  • Success introduced glass fire door manufacturers immediate bitterness, because Brearley had one vision, and Firth’s had another. Firth’s omitted Brearley’s name. Firth advertised itself as the discoverer, founder, and originator of stainless-steel, in ads, posters, and brands on cafes of steel. Brearley complained and got a unpleasant correspondence in reaction.


    Yet he was adament. He informed his manager, Ethelbert Wolstenholme, that he’d given Firth’s an industrial opportunity, and that it had made a decision to discuss any findings. But he’d also proven the company incorrect and was to suffer for it. He was ignored, throw aside, informed to deal with underlings. Annoyed and suspicious, he had released a tactless correspondence to his manager. This led to Fireproof rolling door a party with Firth’s three directors, who informed him simply that he had no privileges in the problem. A few times later, on Dec. 27, 1914, feeling wronged, more sad than angry—convinced that “workmen are often much wiser than their masters”—he reconciled.