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Tips of Passing the Firefighter Aptitude Test

  • Firefighter aptitude test is an exam which assesses the candidate physical fitness entailing endurance, flexibility and strength to ensure one can have the ability to start a fire training academy.

    The firefighter cognitive test has been ha been directed to stimulate the actual duties on the fire ground equipping fighters with enough physical fitness to handle the firefighting exercise. Physically fit and the test is made up of;

    · Test of the physical fitness of the applicant which includes vigorous multi-stage shuttle run which requires the applicant must achieve a level of 9.6

    · Firefighter aptitude test which is divided into two parts, part one is the ladder climb which is a high physical exercise. Moreover part two entails the firefighting task force course. The applicant is taken through the course for the actual skill of firefighting.

    Moreover firefighter aptitude test is an integral part of the firefighter hiring process. The following physical tips will help stay in shape during physical test;

    1. Eat healthy food

    Food will provide the required energy as the exercise entails a lot of physical exercise hence losing a lot of energy. During the physical aptitude exercise one is require eating a lot of vitamin-rich, protein energy food and vegetables.

    2. Get plenty rest and plenty of water

    Firefighter aptitude test exercise makes one to lose of water and one should have a lot of water during the exercise, plenty of rest will give your body time to repair any damage cells and recommendation by doctors requires one to take a nine hour sleep night. 

    3. Make the physical aptitude exercise routine 

    Routine makes one to adopt the system and life easy with goals of the exercise maintained; routine of the physical aptitude exercise will reduced boredom and high attitude towards the exercise.

    4. Wear the right clothes

    Firefighter aptitude exercise is dominated by a lot running and physical exercises so one is required to wear clothes which are not tight but lose. Short, tracks, t-shirts, non-slip runners are some of the attire required to be put on. This will make the exercise efficient. Restrictive jewelry, watches, bracelets should be avoided for your safety. Safety precaution should be well understood and this will require sporting clothing’s during the exercise.


    Before engaging in the firefighter aptitude exercise one should have the clearance from a medical doctor because the exercise is full of vigorous and taunting tasks.

    To get more grades try following the above tips as it will guide to your dream grade.