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Notification,Kantai Collection fans, are you ready to grab coin

  • As well as your usual credits, a successful CG will also unlock a new ship for new and inexperienced players players with between 3 and 10 hours of game play.Apparently, constellation is the sign that your character is born under. Players can also earn some great pets such as the Winter Reindeer, Clockwork Rocket Bot, and Toy Snowman and some toys Toy Train Set and Wind-Up Train Wrecker for taking part in the festivities.5. For the viewpoint that prime time is a good idea, the argument is that the feature should only be active if there's enough players taking part to make it interesting and fun.


    Full details on how to participate are available on the Steam page, but you will need to start by visiting Event Girl Yul in Kantai collection to find the target level for your range. Locking off a key feature of your play kancolle due to an arbitrary time constraint does not seem to be the wisest course of action. The granting of such items can reward gamers for just playing the mmo, celebrate a major event or anniversary, or be used to show some gratitude towards the players on behalf of the game company.Overall, the feature of players getting free mmo items is primarily a good thing, despite the few possible downsides. This is pretty handy as it allows the player to mess around quite a bit and save their various creations. The developers state in the video show above that this is being done to ensure that there's enough of a sizable pool of players to ensure that players won't be fighting the exact same players over and over again.

    The offical website of the game is: