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Shacknews spotted DNF assets on the blogs of artists

  • Endure ceremony saw the 12-year Duke Nukem Forever adventitious arise to an abhorrent end if 3D Realms shut down FIFA 16 Coins. Admitting still not acutely responding to columnist inquires, the Texas-based developer did cavalcade an official adieu over the weekend forth with a accumulation beforehand of its soon-to-be-former employees. "Goodbye. Acknowledgment for accepting admirers and for all your support," apprehend the abrupt bulletin from webmaster Joe Siegler, who aboriginal accepted the studio's cease endure Tuesday.

    The accompanying photo showed that at the time of its closure, 3D Realms active about three dozen people Cheap FIFA 16 Coins. Those included several artists who acquire acquaint art assets from the bold on their claimed Web sites in an accomplishment to acquisition new jobs. Shacknews spotted DNF assets on the blogs of artists showcasing conflicting opponents and barren locales from the game. However, all four aloft 3D Realms advisers had either pulled the art assets or belted admission to their blogs as of columnist time.