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Nature Calls: Gorgeous Green Bathroom Lush with Plant life

  • Peaceful, relaxed and removed from everyday life, this washroom may as well be outdoors for all its greenery, visible through a transparent floor, and climbing up the walls on all sides.

    Presented by Azuma Makoto at the House Vision 2013 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, the concept is absolutely minimal – a few white fixtures floating out from the walls and nothing else but glass and greenery.

    The high-contrast photos complete the effect, making white doors, windows, floors and trim seem to to disappear, leaving only the shape created by the plant life in the room.

    While it might not be a practical addition to your own home, it is certainly an inspirational example of how green surfaces can transform the most ordinary spaces.

    Read more: http://dornob.com/nature-calls-gorgeous-green-bathroom-lush-with-plant-life/#ixzz3wVir3FD1


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