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  • It has always been emphasized how it is important to pay attention to the details. Sometimes students will shun this great advice and therefore fail. Forming a habit of being thorough helps a student maintain the focus. At times, it is just a matter of a student acquiring a new behavior. Everything that they undertake should be in a way which they do not allow people to interfere. A student must show the desire of waiting to be different. After a while, a student will come to the realization that they have been performing poorly due to simple mistakes.


    An essay writer, for example, will keep emphasizing that a paper needs proper citations for it to be plagiarism free. When some are cited, and some are not it makes it mediocre work. It is quite unprofessional and a crime to use other people’s ideas in your paper. Therefore, the student may continue failing due to the lack of the ability to be keen. It is always a slow fade and a behavior loop which renders someone to be careless. It never happens in a single day. Therefore,whenever one has acted in a manner that they think is careless, they should work towards correcting this ill behavior.