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FIFA can forget about victory entirely

  • As the talk continues about unrivaled intelligence (AI sides are now more likely to pump the ball into the box if losing towards the end of Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins the game, or will time-waste and keep possession if trying to protect a lead) and stutter steps (the players legs will correspond better to the ball s movement while dribbling) it feels like my fears are being confirmed.

    New FIFA: just like the old FIFA, but with better grass.  The man in black is nearly as important to you winning as scoring goals, so if he s not favouring you, you can forget about victory entirely. Constant shirt pulling and late tackles are rarely punished accordingly and it just encourages players to slide around all game committing fouls, making a mockery of the idea of a Beautiful Game.

    When the ref decides to FUT Coins call back play, he disrupts the game and often books two to three players after every intermission - frankly, it s ridiculous. Once more, FIFA 16 is rumoured to have a Be a Referee mode, which sounds crazy but surely it couldn t be any worse than the current AI.