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FIFA 16 is probably going to be the biggest

  • That being said, key players such as Ronaldo, Modric, James Rodriguez and Kroos have received noticable to FUT 15 Coins improved ratings, which kindly reflects their efforts last season under previous manager Carlo Ancelotti. However, other star players such as Sergio Ramos,

    Casillas and their record-breaking signing Gareth Bale have all seemingly not budged, in terms of overall rating. FIFA 16 is probably going to be the biggest shake up the series has seen in years, with sweeping additions made to the moment to moment gameplay, as well as the overall modes list and structure of the game.  

    One of the big new additions to FIFA 16 Accounts the game is the Ultimate Team Draft Mode, and in an interview with VG247, Adam Shaikh, creative director of FIFA Ultimate Team for the past seven years elaborated on exactly what it is.