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This season most popular FIFA

  • This is the fourth C Ronaldo won the European Golden Boot. In 2008, with the 07/08 season, 31 league goals of performance, Manchester United's C Ronaldo won his first European golden boot; in 2011, C Ronaldo has played for FIFA 16 club Real Madrid, by virtue of his 10/11 season 40 league goals of Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins performance once again won the first prize; this time last year, C Ronaldo and FIFA 16 player Suarez are in the 13/14 season, scoring 31 league goals, and together they share the honor.

    For more information about C Ronaldo and FIFA 16 account from there.  Last News :  FA officially announced Mourinho was suspended  Next News :  This season most popular FIFA 16 shirt listBundesliga Bayern seven game winning streaks The seventh round of the Bundesliga to continue, defending champion Bayern Munich away 3 to 0 win over Mainz 05 team, take seven straight, continue to lead the Bundesliga standings.Bayern is not only in the League unbeaten, while still in the Champions League group stage victory in the first battle.

    After a goalless first half, in the second half, Lewandowski scored twice, French midfielder Coman scored a goal in sixty-eighth minutes. Bayern three balls easy victory, with FUT Coins seven consecutive victories accumulated 21 points ranked first in the standings.Leverkusen away win in Bremen with three goals, ranking soared to fifth. Wolfsburg and Hannover 96 team score is 1 to 1. VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach away 3 to 1 victory over Stuttgart. VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach after the coaching change, has made two consecutive league victory.