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When you made the perfect setup in CSGO

  • Overlay Disabled message is now shown in Big Picture game screen when the Buy CSGOSK CSGO Skins overlay is disabled.  Added New Export Save System. Unifies and simplifies exporting configurations. You can now more easily browse and save Private and Public configurations, including replacing/editing existing configurations.  Added Exporting new Configuration

    Templates for often used configuration defaults.  Added Browsing/Importing of all games configurations from any game. Useful for when you made the perfect setup in a sequel or similar game and want to use the same config as a base or verbatim.  Publishing a new community configuration now requires you to have played with the configuration for at least an hour.

    Added additional Touch Menu selection settings to Cheap CSGO Items allow selection on Release Click and on Release Touch. Added Trigger Hip Fire Exclusive mode - this mode is a dual stage trigger mode that allows either soft or full pull, but once either is engaged, the other will not engage until the trigger has been released. When exiting Steam, Controller now returns to its default lizardmode