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FIFA 16 premier league players

  • He and thiago silva, giorgio chiellini, hummel, a Top 10 in defense. The 88 World Cup winner's defensive judgement, only less than 2 points first, but with the ball ability and speed of drag, muhammad Isaac the final judgement is 83. He is also the slowest defender in the game, scoring only 31, more than any other FIFA 16 Coins in the Top 10 defender is 33 points less the slowest.

    FIFA's Top 10 defensive rating:10 and godin (atletico Madrid)9, lahm (bayern Munich)8, ramos (real Madrid)7, kevin-prince boateng (bayern Munich)6, muhammad Isaac (Arsenal)5, Andrea barzagli (Juventus)4, (Wolf fort) by naldo3, hu myers (more)2, chiellini (Juventus)1, thiago silva (Paris st germain)If you want to know where to buy Fifa Coins ,

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