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It's true that we sold Teixeira to China

  • Shakhtar Donetsk attacker Alex Teixeira is about to leave, but not to move to Liverpool with the price of 36 million euros but to join super Club Jiangsu Suning, who provides him with 50 million euros. The head coach of FUT Coins the team has confirmed he authenticity of the news, he said in an interview: "it's true that we sold Teixeira to China."

    It is reported that Teixeira is about to join the Super Club Jiangsu Su ning. 50 million will also create a transfer fee record. Teixeira has made 146 appearances and 51 goals after he 6 million euros transfered to Donetsk in 2010.

    This season, he scored 3 goals in the Champions League group stage. Though Suning offers a big salary to Teixeira, it is unkonwn if Teixeira would into Buy FIFA 16 Accounts the new team, after there is great difference between the two sides.